Unemployment is an economic situation where people who fall within the age bracket are unable to secure jobs. Unemployment has become so rampant all over the world especially country like Nigeria. It is said that unemployment is caused as a result of lack jobs in the country as these can be lead to vices like stealing, cyber crime and so many of them. Take a look at Nigeria for example, the rate of unemployment is usually high, the government is currently finding solutions to this, most vices committed in the country are done by youths due to their inability to secure jobs, I mean vices like cyber crimes usually SCAMMING, to be frank with you most scams done in the internet are mostly done by Nigerians (the youths). It is said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop; unemployment is a national issue in which should be tackled by the Government because it have high consequences in the economy as whole. Unemployment can be caused as a result of Government lack in providing infrastructures which could likely benefit the country mostly the youths; there is usually high embezzlement of funds by the Government, most governors in my country have been accused and arrested by the EFCC for their misappropriation of fund which is usually true Money meant to be meant for the benefit of all is squandered by a single and greedy politician who is so self centered on himself and his family alone. Imagine Governors arrested for the embezzlement of as they include Former Governor of Oyo state, Chief Adebayo Alao Akala, Otunba Gbenga Daniel former Governor of Ogun state, Alhaji Aliyu Akwe-Doma governor of Nassarawa state over the mismanagement of over #101 billion while in office while Governor Danjuma Goje arrested for the Mismanagement and diversion of #52 billion Naira as well as the mismanagement of Demeji Bankole’s mismanagement of #10billion Naira while in office and so many of them like that, they have all been arrested by Anti-corruption agencies for their Mismanagement. This is so bad because when you calculate all these money embezzled and stolen, you will find out that this money can lead to the growth and development in the country but the keynote to note here is that most Governors and Political leaders are self centered, they are only after their pockets and that is all.