The world has offended God in one way or the other and as such, my article is stop offending God because God is greatly offended though he is a compassionate, loving and a merciful GOD because he is ever willing and ready to forgive us all our sins if only we come back to our senses and be truly sorry for our sins as these could be seen in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, it is high time the world repents, Jesus Christ will come but the time he will come, he will come like a thief, that is we do not know when he is really going to come, So why wont be prepared for his coming by we stop sinning?, Now that we are still alive in the fresh, it is a great opportunity for us to repent, once we are dead, we are dead for life and there is no repentance, we are faced with JUDGEMENT. We are encouraged to live a life full of emulation; Jesus Christ is a perfect example for us to follow. The following are list of vices we must avoid so that we might attain heaven, avoid fornication, lies, fornication, sex scandal, masturbation, slander, murder, killing, adultery, armed robbery, malice, blackmailing, jealousy, and so many vices, if we can avoid all these mentioned above, heaven is our merit, there is something I observe about myself as a writer and a child of God, Whenever I do something good, I feel so happy, I feel as if I am in heaven, I spirit will be at peace with GOD but if I commit any offence I feel so guilty not only that I feel like crying or tearing myself apart, that shows that the Spirit of God is still with me, he does not want me to be condemned by Going to hell, I believe that these spirits are in all of us all if only we are truthful to ourselves, we should always listen to this good spirit and we should also feel sorry whenever we commit sin just as these can be seen in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Peter wept when he realized that he had betrayed and Denied God, The Criminal on the cross was so sorry for his Sin That he asked God to Forgive him his sins and he Told Jesus saying “Father today I will be with you in Paradise”. My Prayer for all is that we all will be in Paradise with Jesus Christ.


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