Are tired of searching of jobs? Are you tired of the Low Income you receive? Are you tired of walking about up and down in the street under the sun searching for Jobs? Are you tired of staying of staying at home all because of lack of jobs? Then you should read this because it is important for me as well YOU.

Unemployment is so rampant especially in underdeveloped world, self employment is a situation where you become your own BOSS, you are able to pay your workers, go to office whenever you intend, dash out orders, determine the wage and salaries of your workers and so many of them, Youths are encourage to be self employed, For one to be self employed, the following must be consider if you want to be self employed:

1) One must know and be determined with his talents and skills, like a phone repairer, barbing, Tailoring, Fashion designing etc are examples of self employed jobs. Note: You should discover what you can do most and be at least 60% good on it.

2) Availability of Capital: After discovering your talents, the next step is SOURCE OF FINANCE; it could come from family friends, loans, borrowing etc. Capital is necessary for anyone who wishes to set up his own business such as sole business, partnership, joint ventures or what have you. With this capital you should be able to establish your business, purchasing of assets, and replacement of depreciated assets.

3) Building of your Shops, Companies and what have you: Once your capital is ready use it to build a shop, companies (where employees will work for you), schools e.t.c. These is necessary for anyone who wishes to be self employed

4) Extending your Business to the Outside World: If you really want to make it in life as a self employed person, you must be ready to trade with outside country(s), I mean import and export of goods and also services rendered. No Country is an Island of its own, no country wants to be a closed economy, and every country wants to interact with the rest of the world. There are two things involved here either you want your own business to be MULTINATIONAL or TRANSNATIONAL. Multinational is a term use to describe a business or a job that is known in few countries like UBA Bank is one example While Transnational is a term use to describe a business or a Job that is known all over the World Like GOOGLE, MTN, MICROSOFT E.T.C


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