Politics played by politicians in Nigeria is a dirty game indeed, During the time of politics, politicians deceives the voters with their sweet tongue promising to do this and that but the truth of the matter is that they do nothing .During the time of politics, there are usually boycott, arson, violence and other vices, there are usually high embezzlement and Misappropriation of funds, money meant for a particular projects are usually squandered without proper account for it. Politicians are corrupt, once a politician embezzles a huge amount of money he runs away to another foreign so as to cover up his misdeeds. Nigeria is a country where there are high unemployment, interrupted power supply, Bad roads all because of Bad Government. Today unemployment are so alarming, these youths searches for job and once they are tired of searching for jobs, they engage in criminal activities as they cause a lot of havoc to the economy, I mean havoc like kidnapping, stealing, robbing, sex scandals, rape, internet scams, To be frank with you, Nigeria is the country with the highest number of SCAMS, they deceive the whites by ripping them off their cash though I must apologize the world because of these. In terms of Interrupted power supply, these had led to the fall of so many industries and firms. We call on the international communities to come to our aid because of these. Imagine governors in Nigeria are embezzling a hell lot of money; Imagine a governor was handed to EFCC was embezzling 15billion Naira. This is a big slap on the face of Nigerians; there are lots of politicians in my country who have been arrested for embezzling a huge amount of money. Such politicians have escaped by leaving to go to outside countries; some have bribed their way through some of these cases have been neglected. Imagine a single person catering away with the country money, which has been a major reason why Nigeria has sometimes been backward. The Situation is so bad and it needs to be addressed as these issues of embezzlement is now common in Nigeria



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