Imagine a mother whose baby was searched by a wicked king inother for him to kill the baby, imagine her taken away her baby and her husband to escape from death as a result of which so many infants baby were all killed by Herod just because he was afraid of letting his throne to another king (Jesus Christ). Imagine your Mother been told by a painful/touching word by the Man of God or let call him a Prophet saying “This child of yours will cause the rise and fall of many in Israel and a sharp sword will pierce through your heart”. Imagine your Own Mother looking for you all over the country when you are just only at the age of 12years. Imagine a mother seeing her own son blood, imagine your own watching her own son tortured, wounded and bruised for no reason, Imagine your own mother crying for you and pleading the officials to leave you just because of the sin you never committed, imagine your mother watching you as her son was condemned to death. What a heavy sorrow it will be in her heart. Imagine a mother watched a heavy cross placed on the shoulder of his son, Imagine a Mother seeing his own scourged as blood gushed from his body; imagine a Mother following his maltreated and wounded son from place of CONDEMNATION to the PLACE OF DEATH. Imagine your Mother seeing the nakedness of her son just because of his condemnation, imagine your own mother seeing so many opponents/enemy against her son “Crucify him, Crucify him, Crucify him”. Imagine a mother seeing his own son beaten, slapped and stripped off his garment. Imagine your mother watching as a reed of thorns was placed on his son head. Imagine a Mother crying as his son garment was spoilt and played with; imagine a mother mourning and weeping as his son was killed by crucifying on the cross. Imagine a Mother carrying her dead son weeping and crying these were all the sorrows Mary passed through while on earth just because of his Son that is the Most Utmost reason why the Catholic Church honours her, she should not be neglected, and The Prayer you can offer her is the Hail Mary. Mary had appeared to people and her appearing to a lot of people as she encourages us to say the HOLY ROSARY