Education/Qualities of an Educated Person 

Education is the best legacy in life, there are people who want to become professionals today in one field or the other but due to the fact that they never went to school or because of their ignorance, they are regretting it today. Today everyone ones to become learned while few are trying to become ignorance, parents are trying to make sure that all their children goes to school even to complete their tertiary institutions. We the Present generation must talk to the generations to come about the Importance of education. Education means a lot to the world thanks to Civilization, though Africans were not learned but through the help of Colonial masters, they brought Education, Religion and so many benefits to west African Countries, the First school in Nigeria was CMS Grammar school which was established in 1920’s-1950’s, there are instances where an illiterate is been cheated or only hears his native language without hearing a single bit of English just because he never went to school. It is also been said that if education is expensive try ignorance. Whatever amount it could afford to send a child to school, such money should be afforded

Here are some benefits of Education:

An Educated person will know his or her fundamental human right

An Educated person will be sociable (free to interact with his environment)

An Educated person will be in a good manner and so many benefits of an educated person.

An Educated person must be able to read and write

An Educated person must not be that too timid, since he went to school, he/she must be bold and willing to speak publicly to the public.

An Educated Person must not be that too ignorant about necessary facts

Education has played a key role in the economy, people have been able to read and write, everyone can understand each other better unlike that time when their were need for an interpreter, education has removed the barter economy and install the Monetized economy, goods can be both and sold with the help of money unlike in the primitive time where BARTER and COUNTER TRADE system were practiced.