CONFIRMATION: Confirmation is a sacrament by which we receive the holy spirit inother to make us strong, perfect Christians and soldiers of Christ, what we are meant to understand here is that confirmation enables us to be BOLD and also to speak and defend for Christ. We Christians are expected to be bold as well face the challenges that come to our way as this can be achieved through the HOLY SPIRIT, as we can be seen during the time of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and that was the major fact why they were bold as well been able to defend Christ. With the power of the holy spirit, the apostles were able to speak in so many languages, the spirit of timidity left there body and this pave way for BOLDNESS in there lives, they were able to defend and die for Christ. The Apostles really suffered a lot, they were been were persecuted and they all died in different ways, peter was crucified upside down, all the apostles were all killed that it is the utmost reason the catholic churches celebrates them, They are the blood and pillar of churches today and not only them we also celebrates saints too who really worked for Christ, most of these saints body are buried today and there is still present till our present world. It important for us to note that one can not undergo confirmation if he or she has not performs its Baptism or receives the Holy Communion. There are lot of faithful who because of their boldness filled by the Holy Spirit were been Massacred like the death in UGANDA and saints who were martyred as these are St Paul, St Philip, St James, St Peter, Saint Agatha, St Philomena, St Jude, St Andrew, Saint Stephen, St Perpetual and Felicity, St Thomas, St Thomas more, St Sebastian and others saints who were persecuted for Christ sake. Confirmation I said earlier is necessary, I the writer is a practicing catholic who has done the baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Penance. These 7 sacraments are so necessary, it is purely necessary for our souls if only we want to be sanctified, cleansed and purify.


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