BAPTISM: Baptism is a sacrament which cleanses us from original sins, makes us Christians, children of God and members of the church. What is original sin? It simply means the sins of our forefathers as this is also called the sin of DISOBEDIENCE as this sin of disobedience emerged other sins and as result of this, man began to suffer due to the curse GOD placed on us. Once we go for baptism and we are baptized, we are sure the sin of our forefather is wiped away from us as John the Baptist went about in the wilderness, preaching of repentance and baptizing all those who repented and were truly so sorry for there sins. We are Christians are not expected this cleansing as this can be seen in the life of Jesus Christ, he was a perfect example for us, despite his equality with GOD, he also cleansed (Baptized) himself. We Christians are expected to go for cleansing through the baptized as the CATHOLIC CHURCH does this baptism. We must not be ignorant; we should go for baptism as this is important for our souls. Remember when Jesus Christ was about going to heaven he said to his apostles “Go ye all nations baptizing them in the name of the FATHER, the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT, even the infants”. This is to show you how importance the baptism is to our souls. Baptism can be in the form of sprinkling of water or dipping of head in the water, the main thing to Note here is that Baptism is really important for our souls as I said earlier to wash/wipe us all away the sins of our fore father (Adam and eve). in catholic church, there are necessary items needeed for baptism as these are candle, water, salt, bowl, white gament and there must be the presence of god parents

candle: this signifies that we are the light of the world, as a child of god we all must keep our light shining AS CHRISTIANS. The candle signifies light. every christians who is a child of god is a light and such light must not be quenched if only we want god to use us as his instrument. we are precious in the eyes of god

water: The water is used for purification, santification and cleansing. it is important if we want baptism to take place.

salt: We christians are salt of the world and we are not meant to loose it taste. the salt is mixed with the water for baptism

bowl: this is used to mix the water and the salt

white garment: the white garment is used to carry an infant for baptism and others, it stands for purity.

god parents: the god parents are fathers or mothers who stand for us or represents us during baptism. anyone who does baptism must have a god parents.



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